Open Flights first-round matches suspended: procedure for completing your match

High winds suspended play during the first match play round of the Open Flights on Sunday. Trees and limbs came down all over the course including part of a tree down on #9 fairway and a tree that fell across the road beside #17 hole closing the road.

For those of you whose matches were suspended due to the weather this past weekend, here is the procedure for completing your match:

(1) On Saturday, February 22, players whose first-round matches are still in progress must be on the tee of the hole where the match will resume, ready to play at 7:00am.

(2) If you are on the tee and ready to play at 7:00am and your opponent is not on the tee and ready to play, then you win the hole

(3) If your opponent has not arrived by 7:05am, then you win the match

(4) Once your match is complete, report the status of your match. Winners will advance to play their next round as scheduled Saturday and will be notified of their tee time once their first-round match is complete.

To confirm the status of your match and the hole on which your match will resume, you can go to