2021 Tournament Coverage


OCTOBER 15, 2021 - General Announcement to ALL players

Your Golf Genius app contains the Rules & Regulations for the 2021 San Francisco City Golf Tournament.

The GGID for the Championship is JJSCNZ or visit:


These items are also located on our website at:

San Francisco City Golf Championship (sfgolfchampionship.com)

On the SF City site go to ABOUT, click on  PLAYER INFORMATION as it contains the following:

– Download a Printable “Hard Card”
– Model Local Rule E-5
– Model Local Rule G-9
– Player Code of Conduct
– Discontinuation of Play
– Playoff Procedures
– Scoring Areas
– Pace of Play Policy – Stroke Play
– Pace of Play Policy – Match Play
– Notice to Players – Open Flights

*Please be advised - players in the Men’s Championship Division who will be qualifying on Saturday, October 30th at Lincoln Park and Harding TPC. The tee times for Saturday, October 30th will be posted after the Friday Pre-Qualifiers have been determined.

Be prepared to play the first tee at 7:30AM, Saturday October 30th.

At completion of play Sunday, October 31st, a playoff may occur to determine the final field of 64 if necessary.

FEBRUARY 2, 2021

The San Francisco City Golf Championship Committee regrets to inform the participants that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we have chosen to postpone the 2021 SF CITY GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP to the fall of 2021.

The COVID-19 virus is now the leading cause of deaths in the US. We have been monitoring the pandemic daily and have seen the number of cases rise to nearly 3 million in California. The number of people hospitalized has nearly doubled since the summer with significant increases in the number of cases in December and January.

The Centers for Disease Controls warns that the variant found in UK has been found in at least 39 states and could be dominant the US by March. Infectious experts warn of a new variant found in CA that could also increase the numbers. The City & County of San Francisco Dept of Public Health has implemented several restrictions for golf in San Francisco.

As a committee we have a moral responsibility for the safety of everyone involved. We understand the postponement of the tournament causes a disruption in your schedule; however, the Committee could not in good conscience try to conduct the event as previously scheduled given the circumstances.

So, for the safety of all golfers, their families, and the staff at both TPC Harding Park and Lincoln Park, we have rescheduled the tournament according to the calendar below.

We will refund ALL entry fees to all participants. All players will have to re-register when registration re-opens; new registration schedule is being formulated and will be reflected on the SF City website registration page.

Please note the revised tentative start dates for the 2021 SF City:

✓       Open Qual Flights - Oct 16

✓       Pre-Qual Championship Flight - Oct 29

✓       Women’s Qual - Oct 31

✓       Men’s Senior Qual - Nov 2

✓       Men’s Super Sr Qual - Nov 2

✓       Women’s Sr – Nov 3

✓       Inkster Flight – Nov 6

The tournament is tentatively scheduled to finish on November 14th; the final schedule will be reflected on the SF City website and on AmateurGolf.com.

We also want to take this opportunity to remind players that the SF City Golf Championship is solely operated by the SF Golf Championship Committee. The Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) has more than graciously supplied rules officials to monitor play and to help players with rulings for decades. They have volunteered to assist the SF Golf Committee in running the tournament, but they do not manage the tournament.

Their involvement has made the entire tournament a much more pleasant, established, and well-organized event. We welcome every single aspect they contribute to the tournament and thank them for their undying efforts over all of these years. The NCGA acknowledges the event by awarding NCGA points for several of our flights.

The Committee truly hopes that you will choose to participate in this historic tournament now in its 104th year. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this poses to you and your family, and we look forward to your participation in the rescheduled SF City Championship.

Most Sincerely, The San Francisco City Golf Championship Committee