The first round of Open Division match play was contested on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 24 and 25 at Lincoln Park. We will have full brackets posted in Golf Genius by Tuesday; in the meantime we have tried to capture as many of the results as possible from the scoreboards. Some matches may be missing, and the results are not stacked up in bracket order, so you won't be able to predict your next opponent (yet).

The match of the weekend was definitely that between 12-year-old Rico Diaz from the SF First Tee of San Francisco against 33-year-old Ken Cachia. Despite his age (and height) disadvantage, Diaz advanced to the next round by a margin of 2 and 1. It's all friendly competition at "The City" -- and Cachia was happy to pose for a photo after the match. (See above)


Jackson Koivun  Koivun, 20-holes
Rick Shumate   
Blake Buttweiler   
Max Kleinecke  Kleinecke, 1-up
Tony Ralph  Ralph, 5 & 3
Johan Sodergren   
Ken Harrington  Harrington, 4 & 3
Garrett Gemgnani   
Patrick Hubregsen   
Dan Valine  Valine, 6 & 5
Scott Mathis   
Chris Dombrowski  Dombrowski, 20-holes
Jared Marusic  Marusic, 4 & 2
John Wang   
Jason Stephens  Stephens, 23-holes
Bradley Haskin   
James McGilley McGilley, 2-up
Connor Gall   
Tyler Burnes  Burnes, 2 & 1
Dave Ware   
Preston Jeung   
John O'Malley  O'Malley, def.
Alex Woodward  Woodward, 1-up
Ryan Wall   
Lyle Covino   
Christian Quint  Quint 6 & 5
Andrew Brooks   
Richard Phillips  Phillips, 5 & 4
Brian Watts  Watts, 4 & 2
Andrew Salamon   
Steve Jow   
Anthony Piha  Piha, 4 & 3
David Olkkola   
Cassius Botelho  Botelho, 19-holes
Matthew Fegley  Fegley, 19-holes
Bill Kleinecke   
Jim Floresca  Floresca, def.
Trysten Ewolhin   
Matthew Lefkowitz   
Lucas Prokopiak  Prokopiak, 6 & 4
Gabriel Lawrence   
Michael MacLeod  MacLeod, 7 & 6
Justin Young   
William Wood  Wood, 5 & 4
Peter Cantin   
John Jackson  Jackson, 2 & 1
Van Hall   
Kelly Cooper  Cooper, 3 & 2
Phil Pineda   
Tim Schlegel  Schlegel, 5 & 4
Chaka Miller  Miller 2 & 1
Achint Thakur   
James Murphy  Murphy, 2 & 1
James Ingram   
Jonathan Gould  Gould, 1-up
Drew Walker  
Ian Novak   
John Fisher  Fisher, 7 & 6
Hawk Tea   
Michael Berg  Berg, 6 & 5
Thomas Hamilton  Hamilton, 4 & 2
Kevin Cronin   
Chris Sullivan   
Stephen Wahlstrom  Wahlstrom, 1-up
Ravi Wilson   
Brion Martinez  Martinez, 2-up
Tom Ebergen   
Rogelio Ortega  Ortega, 8&7
Mathias Rousset  Rousset, 6 & 5
Matthew Cochran   
Scott Bedolla  Bedolla, def.
Travis Van   
Daniel Sheridan   
Guillermo Guerra  Guerra, 7 & 6
Jonathan Zuercher   
Leroy Gullette  Gullette, 3 & 1
Jay Croft  Croft, 5 & 3
Herb Clore   
Dominic Byrne   
William Olinger  Olinger, 4 & 2
David Webb  Webb 2-up
Joe Vella   
Terry Lim   
Abi Vickram  Vickram, def.
Robert DeGroot   
Dan Park  Park, 3 & 2
Aiden Mason   
Tom Toomey  Toomey, 1-up
David Stark  Stark, 19-holes
Gerald Kaleikini   
David Colton   
Graham Gilles  Gilles, 5 & 3
Benjamin Lee  Lee, def.
Scott Logan   
Dino Siotos  Siotos, 1-up
Tom Carlaccini   
Jay Chatfield  Chatfield, 1-up
Scott Nowak   
Adam Ochart   
Michael Melamed  Melamed 7 & 6
Leonardi Go   
David Simmons  Simmons, 2 & 1
William Wei  Wei, 4 & 3
Joseph Rosenbaum   
Samuel Lee   
Jim Retzlaff  Retzlaff, 2 & 1
Gary Dales  Dales, 2 & 1
Justin Dieu   
Kyle Haynes   
Robert Vernon  Vernon 3 & 1
Kevin Smith   
Vincent Clementi  Clementi, 1-up
Robert O'Dell  O'Dell, Bye
Michael Lopez   
Matthew Didden  Didden, 5 & 4
Gordon Atkinson   
Christopher Chin  Chin, 5 & 4
Bradley Hogin   
Jerry Cantin  Cantin, 2 & 1
Patrick Colligan   
Brad Payne  Payne, 3 & 2
Julio Ramos   
Joe Chang  Def.
Andrew Yu   
Enrico Diaz  Diaz, 2 & 1
Kenneth Cachia   
Matt Strube  Strube 2-up
Todd McKenna   
Michael Patt   
Frederick Meiswinkel  Meiswinkel, 4 & 3
John Rampa   
Bill Onstot  Onsot, def.